Readings for line KD.1.37

Ne liflode to þi likam · for a lyer him techethL.1.39: LCHmW alone divide the line as here; most other B manuscripts read as follows:
Ne liflode to þi likame þat leef is to þi soule
Lef nauȝt þi likame for a liere hym techeþ.
Ne liflode to þi likam  ...?...þat lief is to þe souleM.1.39: M originally shared the omission (through eyeskip on likam) of this b-verse and the following a-verse with WHmCL.
Cr1 [Not found.]
Ne liflode to þi likame . for a liere hym techeþW.1.39: After likame WHmCL omit the b-verse and following a-verse: . . . þat lief is to þe soule / Leue not þi likam . . . (in the spelling of M).
ne lyflode to thi lykham  for a lyȝere it hymHm.1.38: Hm uniquely adds it, perhaps in an attempt to make better sense of a line marred by an omission in his exemplar. techeþHm.1.38: LWHmC delete a b-verse and an a-verse, combining the two by eye-skip from likame to likame. Most other B manuscripts read as follows:
Ne liflode to þi likam þat leef is to þi soule
Leue nauȝte þi likam for a liere hym techeþ
Ne liflode to thy likam · for a lyer hym techys
no lyuvelode to the lygham that leuve ys to þeG.2.39: L W Hm C have no witness for Bx þi, G M Y þe, since they lack the b-verse of KD1.37 and the a-verse of KD1.38. souvle G.2.39: G and F omit a line at this point ("Leue not þi likam . for a liere hym tec[heþ]"). In M, the line appears in the margin in a later hand. For readings in L W Hm C, see previous note.
Ne lijflode to þi likham  þat leef is to þiO.1.37: Of the manuscripts which include the line in this form, OC2RF alone have þi in place of þe. soule
Ne lyflode to þi licam  þat leef is þiR.1.39: R's reading here is unique among the B copies; the others attest is to þi. Ax agrees with the B majority (only Bodley 851 agrees with R) , but Cx is uncertain. Though a majority of C witnesses also supports the predominant reading, a significant minority of X family manuscripts (XICotBmBoUc) agrees with R in omitting to. soule .
Ne lyflode to þy lykame / þat leef is to þy sowle.F.2.39: F and G omit the following line from Bx: "Lef nauȝt þi licame for a liere hym techeþ."