Readings for line KD.1.41

This and þat seest þi soule · and seith it in þin herte
This and þat s...eeþM.1.43: This alteration occurs at a point where B manuscripts are especially diverse in their readings. Seeth, sees, seiþ, seest, sueth, sewe, and sleth are all attested. þeM.1.43: All other B manuscripts read þi. Kane and Donaldson record the <e> as written over an erasure, but this does not seem to be the case. soule  and saithM.1.43: M's reading of saith is unique among B manuscripts, which attest a wide variety of readings. it in þin herte
This & that seeth thy soule , and seeth it in thine herte ,
This and that seeþ þi soule . and seith it in þin herte
this and that s.leth thi soule  and seyth it in ...thi herte
This and þat sees þy soule · and setth it in thy herte
take thys In thy solwle & sett ytt yn thy herte
Þis & þat seeþ þi soule  & seiþO.1.41: OC2 alone lack it before in. in þin herte
This and that suethR.1.43: Cf. F's sewe and beta's seeþ. Although three C witnesses (P2UcDc) support the alpha verb, it seems clear that Cx had the same reading as beta. þi soule  and seith it in þin herte .
Þese thre / sewe þy sowle / to shende it þey casten.F.2.42: F's b-verse is unique. Bx probably read "seith it in þin herte."