Readings for line KD.1.79

Thanne I courbed on my knees · and cryed hir of grace
...?...M.1.81: The added and erased material is illegible under ultra-violet light. Most likely it indicated the alteration &.
Thanne I courbed on my knes  . & criede hire of grace
Than I courbid on my knees , and cried her of grace
Thanne I courbed on my knees . and cried hire of grace
than y cowryd on my knes  and cryȝede her of grace
Thanne I coureed on my knees · and criede hir of grace
Than I couvrbedcrouchedG.2.80: Added crouched has a <u> instead of a <v> which might suggest a scribe other than main corrector. The alteration, in any case, clearly post-dates the <u> to <v> changes, since the word which this addition replaces (covrbed) has already been subject to this type of correction. Note also that the form of the <c> differs from that normally employed by the main scribe but resembles that used in the reference on 106v, which in turn seems likely to have been written by "WH," who initials marginalia on ff.69v, 72v and in the margin of the Table of Contents on f.103. See also the signature on f.20r, although the latter is more formal. on my knes & cryed hyr off grace
Þanne I courbede on my knees  & cryede hir of grace
Þanne I courbed on my knes  and cryed hire of grace .
Þan y kurblyde[kurbyd] doun on knees / & cried hire of grace.