Readings for line KD.1.88

Who-so is trewe of his tonge · & telleth none other
Who-so is trwe of his tonge  and telleþ noon oþur
Who-so is true of hys tonge , and telleth no other
Who is trewe of his tonge . and telleþ noon ooþer           W.1.89:nota
Who-so ys trewe of his tonge  and ...?...telleþ non oþer ·Hm.1.84-94: The scribe has erased nine lines in the space now occupied by lines 84b-94, having skipped one line in his exemplar. There are now 41 lines on this page. The omission was caused by eye-skip from and telleþ to and wylneþ line 85). Thus telleþ none other from 88 and the a-verse of 89 were omitted. The remains of an erased lofte are visible in the margins to the right of line 85.
Who-so is trewe of his tonge · and telleth non other
th..ty The word trew is underlined in the text (see G.2.89), suggesting that the marginal annotation may refer to this word.
wo-so ys trew off hys tonge & telleth non other
Who-so is trewe of his tunge  & telliþ noon oþer
HeR.1.89: R's He is unique; F reads He þat while beta reads Whoso. The A-version reading agrees with beta's. The C-version has a revised b-verse, but for this variant the manuscripts divide into the two large families usually seen, with the P family supporting R (For he) while the X family is closer to beta (For who). is trewe of his tonge  and telleth non other .R.1.89: Ordinarily, throughout this manuscript, the scribe indicated where rubricated paraph markers should be inserted—alternately blue and red—by leaving a small cc in the margin. Many of these survive in the latter part of the manuscript, where very few rubricated paraphs were ever completed, but some have been erased, as is the case on fol. 80, where only the blank line between strophes attests scribal intentions.
He þatF.2.88: He þat is unique to F. Beta has Whoso and R has He." ys trewe of his tunge / & telleþ non oþir.