Readings for line KD.12.103

And riȝt as syȝteL.12.111: An otiose tilde appears over syȝte. serueth a man · to se þe heighe strete
And right as sighte serueth a man  to se þe heighe st....erreM.12.111: M's altered reading of sterre is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read strete, though among C manuscripts P2 and D2 (and X by alteration) read hye þe sterre. The line is omitted by WHmCr.
Cr1 [Not found.]
W [Not found.]
Hm [Not found.]
And right as sight serues a man · to se the heigh strete
& ryght as syght seruvethe a man to see þe hye streete
And riȝt as siȝt serueþ a man  to see þe hye strete
And riȝt as siȝt serueth a man  to se þe heye strete .
For ryght as wit seruyþ a man / to seen in þe strete.