Readings for line KD.12.159

And þow seidest soth of somme · ac se in what manere
And þow saidest soth of summe  ac se in what manere
And tho saydest soth of some , & se in what maner ,
And þow seidest sooþ of somme . ac se in what manere
and thu seydest sooþ of summe · ac see yn what manere ·
And thow saidest soth of some · and se yit in what manere
& þou seydest sothe off some but se ytt yn whatt manereremanereG.13.159: G's original manere has been re-outlined in black ink. The new version adds an unnecessary abbreviation and the mark for this is more elaborate than is usual. See note to G.13.57.
And þou seydist soþ of sum  ac se ȝit in what manere
¶ And þow seydest soth of somme  ac se in whanere .R.12.162: The correct reading is beta's what manere; R here presumably mirrors a loss of text in alpha while F (an ensample) attempts to guess at a suitable correction.
& þou seydist soþ of summe / & see an ensample.F.9.279: F's b-verse is unique, and the corruption of R suggests that he has attempted to repair a defective exemplar. R has "ac se in whanere" in place of beta's "ac se in what manere."