Readings for line KD.12.214

And why þat one thef on þe crosse · creaunt hym ȝelt
..M.12.216: Something to the left of the first word, now illegible, has been erased.
And whi that on thef on the crosse  creaunt hym ȝyel..ded
And why þat one thefe on þe crosse , creant gan him yeld
And why þat oon þeef on þe cros . creaunt hym yald
And why þat on theef on the cros · creaunt hym ȝalde
And why that oon thef on the cros · creaunt hym gylty
& why þat on theffe on the cros creauntG.13.217: For the G scribe's treatment and use of superscript <a> (the abbreviation mark here), see note to G.4.156. hym yelded
And why . þat oo þeef on þe crosse  creaunt hym ȝelte 
Ac whi þat on thef vponR.12.217: In this a-verse, R's Ac and vpon are unique among the B copies. For the former, F has But while beta reads And. For the latter, F and beta concur in reading on. Though eight C manuscripts support the latter reading, it seems likely that Cx agreed on both variants with R. þe cros  creaunt hym ȝelde .
But why þat oon þeef on þe croos / creaunt gan hym ȝeelde.