Readings for line KD.12.255

His ledne be in owre lordes ere · lyke a pyesL.12.256: LBCC2GOYR all fail to complete this line with chiteryng or chatrynge. The corrector's <+> in the right margin may indicate his awareness of the reading.
His ledene be in oure lordes ere  lyke a pyes chiteryngM.12.256: The addition of chiteryng is paralleled in WF, while HmCr have chatrynge. All other B manuscripts omit the word.
His leden be in our lords eare , lyke a pies chattering
His ledene be in oure lordes ere . lik a pies chiteryng
his ledyn be yn our lordys ere · lyke a pyes chatrynge
His leden is in oure lordes ere · lyke a pyes
ys leden ys In our lordys yereG.13.257: The deletion of initial <y> of yere is in black ink. It seems unlikely to be have been carried out by the original scribe since he regularly uses <yere> for "ear" (and note his addition of <y> to eyre ("ear") at G.21.131). Since hand3 uses black ink, he may have been responsible for this alteration. lyke a peyseG.13.257: G's muddle over B pyes (="magpie's"), which he transcribes as peyse, probably results at least in part from the loss of the following word ("chittering" or "chattering") from a high proportion of B manuscripts (L C G O C2 Y B R). At G.13.231 G shares the majority reading pyes.
His leden is in oure lordis ere  ylicheO.12.257: OC2 alone have yliche; all other beta witnesses have lik. a pies
His ledene be in oure lordes ere  lylly[k] apyesa pyes .
Ful lytil grace ys grauntyd hym / for god may not hym heere.F.9.372: This line replaces the following one from Bx: "His ledene be in oure lordes ere lik a pies."