Readings for line KD.13.104

Dowel quod þis doctour · and toke þe cuppe and dranke
nona discriptio de dowell
Dowel quod þis doctour . and took þe Cuppe and dranke
Dowell quod this doctour , & toke the cup & drancke
Dowel quod þis doctour . and took þe cuppe and drank
Dowel quod this doctor · and took the cuppe and drank
dowel quod this doctour and took the coppe and dranke
dowell quod thys doctouvr & toke þe covppeG.14.111: The ink colour used for the change from coppe to cvppe is not quite the same as that normally used for corrections by hand1.1, but the form and type of correction are typical of this corrector. See, e.g., the similar change at G.11.318. & dranke
Do-wel quod þis doctour  & toke þe cuppe & dranke
¶ Dowel quod þis doctour  and dronk afterR.13.106: R and F differ slightly here (F = dronk a-non þere-after), but alpha's version of this phrase was obviously quite different from beta's. The entire beta b-verse reads and toke þe cuppe and dranke. Though N reproduces beta's b-verse exactly, all the other C manuscripts support alpha, with Cx reading and he dronke aftur. .
Do-wel is quod þe Doctour / & dronk a-non þere-after.F.10.104: F's b-verse is unique. Beta reads "and took þe cuppe and drank." R is defective, reading "and dronk after."