Readings for line KD.13.121

Þere þe lorde of lyf wonyeth · to leren hymL.13.128: LMR have hym; Other B witnesses either have hem or omit the word altogether. what is dowel
There þe lord of lif . wonyeth . to leren hym what is dowel .
Ther the lord of lyfe wonneth to learne what is dowel
Ther þe lord of lif wonyeþ . to leren what is dowel
þere þe lord of lyf wonyeþ · to lerne hem what ys dowel
Ther the lord of lif woneth · to lerne hem what is dowel
ther þe lorde off lyffe wonnethe to lerne þem watt ys dowell
Þere þe lord of lijf woneþ  to lerne what is do-wel
Þere þe lorde of lif woneth  to leren hymR.13.125: R shares the spelling hym exclusively with beta copies LM; HmCGYBF read hem and WCrO simply omit any pronoun. The RLM form is likely that of Bx but as such may be merely a Northern relict: hym = standard hem. However, Schmidt assumes that the sons of Clergy in this puzzling allegory are the teachers (rather than the pupils) of the Lord of Life; if so, then hym would be a singular, a substantive lection preserved solely in these three witnesses. what is dowel .
Þere þe lord of lyf woneþ / to lerne hem to dowel.