Readings for line KD.13.157

Vndo it late þis doctour sendeme · if dowel be þer-inne/
Vndo þisM.13.165:M's þis is not attested in other B manuscripts, which read it. lat þeM.13.165: M shares the reading þe with F; other B manuscripts have þis. doctour doctour deme . if dowel be þere-inne .
Undo it let thys doctour deme if dowell be therin
Vndo it . lat þis doctour deme . if dowel be þer-Inne
Vndo it late þys doctor deme · ȝif dowel be þerynne
vn-do it lat þis doctour dem · if do wel be ther-Inne
vndoo ytt lett þis doctour deme yff dowell be theryn
Vndo it . latte þis doctour deme  if do-wel be þer-inne
Vndo it and late þis doctour seR.13.163: The presumably archetypal se is shared by RF with L (whose lection was sen before "correction" to the common beta reading, deme). R's and and where are alpha variants; and is simply omitted by beta manuscripts while the meaning of where is rendered in beta by if.where dowel be here-inneR.13.163: R's here-inne is unique. The other witnesses read þerinne. .
Vndo it &F.10.160: Alpha is responsible for &, which is omitted in beta. lete þe Doctour seF.10.160: Alpha is responsible for se. F alone adds it. Beta manuscripts have deme. L had sen, but corrected it to deme. it / wherF.10.160: Alpha is responsible for wher. Beta manuscripts have if. dowel be þer-Inne.