Readings for line KD.13.164

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And eek haue god my soule  and þow wilt it craue . These lines are omitted by the beta manuscripts. F offers numerous variants from R's readings in these lines—and completely omits text for KD13.169 and 171 (= R13.176 and 178)—so the most efficient representation of these differences is to cite F's text here completely (cf. Appendix 1, R13.171-79, for details and any cross-references to the C version):
& eek so have god my soule / & þou wilt love crave.
Þere nys Emperour ne Empresse / neyþir Erl ne baroun.
Þat pure resoun shal the make.
Mayster of alle men / þoruhȝ myght of his reede.
Nowht þoruh no ryche craft / but þoruh wit of hem-selue.
To ȝeve þe al þat þey may ȝeve / as þou for beest ȝeemere.
Pacientes vincunt
& eek so have god my soule / & þou wilt love crave. These lines are attested only in alpha.