Readings for line KD.13.22

And as cryste wolde þere come conscience · to conforte me þat tyme
And as crist wolde there come conscience  to conforten me þat tyme .
And as Christ wold conscience came to confort me þat time
And as crist wolde þer com Conscience . to conforte me þat tyme
and as cryst wolde þercomeþer come conscyence · and conforted me þat tyme ·
And as criste wolde ther come · conscience to conforte me þat tyme
& as cryste wold coameG.14.22: The top loop of the double-lobed <a> in the alteration of come to came together with the descender have been added in black ink. The alteration is very neat and it seems probable that it was carried out by the scribe who added the marginalia in an italic hand on ff.42v etc. (i.e. hand3). conscyence to conforte me þat tyme
And as crist wolde þer come conscience  to counforte me þat tyme
And as A dark smudge partially obscures as in line 15 as well as the first two words of line 16. criste wolde þere come consience  to conforte me inR.13.15: R's in is unique; the other manuscripts omit it. þat tyme .
& as crist wolde cam Conciense / & confortyd me þat tyme.