Readings for line KD.13.259

Tyl pruyde be purelich fordo · and þat þourgh payn defaute
Til pride be purelich fordo . and þorugh pain defaute .
Til pride be purely fordo , & through paine defaut
Til pride be pureliche for-do . and þoruȝ payn defaute
tyl pryde be purly fordo · and þat .....   þurgh p...ayn deffaute ·
Til pride be purliche for-doo · and that thurgh payn defaute
tyll pryde be puvrelyche fordoo and þat thrughe payne defauvte
Til pride be pureliche fordo  & þat þoruȝ payn defaute
Til pruide be priuelicheR.13.272: Cf. RF's priueliche with the beta variant purelich. Cx agrees with beta. fordo  and alleR.13.272: R's alle is unique; cf. F's omission (shared by WCrM) and the beta original reading, þat, found in LHmCOG, which is shared with Cx. þoruȝ payne defauteR.13.272: Covering the right margin opposite R13.272-73 is a black inkblot that has also transferred onto 62v. Additionally, a black stain that appears to have originated in the margin of 62v, just inside the aforementioned pen trials of 62v, seems to have transferred to lines 271-72 here, partially obscuring poeple (271) and payne (272).
Tyl priȝde be priuylyF.10.268: Alpha is responsible for priuyly. Beta manuscripts read pureliche. Note alpha's similar substitution at 12.55. for-do  þorhu paynes defawhte.