Readings for line KD.13.283

Was none suche as hym-self · ne none so pompe-holyL.13.288: LHmW alone read pompe holy; other B manuscripts have pope holy.
And so singuler by hym-self . ne non so pon.p-holyM.13.286:Kane and Donaldson read poup, noting that the last letter is written over an erasure, but the reading is clearly ponp. WHmL have the same word pomp, which may have been M's original spelling, while other B manuscripts have pope or poppe. .
And none so singuler by hym-selfe , nor so pope-holye
And noon so singuler by hym-self . ne so pomp-holyW.13.287: WHmL read pomp; other manuscripts have pope or poppe.
and so synguler by hym-self noon so pomp holy ·
And so singuler by hym-self · ne noon so poppe holy
and so synguvler by hym-seluve ne non so pope holye
And so synguler bi hym-self  ne noon so poppe-holy
Was non suche as hym-selue  ne non so pope-holy .
Þat þere is non swich as he ys / ne non so poppe-holy.F.10.293: This spelling is unusual and appears only, at least so far as MED citations suggest, in manuscripts of Piers Plowman. Kane and Donaldson list parallel spellings for poppe-holy in OCotBmBoYC2C as well. MED offers no spellings with doubled consonants under pope. WHmL read pomp holy.