Readings for line KD.13.339

To þe souter of southwerke · or of shordyche dame emme
To þe souter of soutwerk . or of shordisyche dame. Emme
To þe sortry of Southwarke , or of short dytch dame Eme
To þe Soutere of Southwerk . or of Shordych dame Emme
to þe souter of southwerke · or of schordych dame Emme ·
To the souter of southwerk · or of shordich{barred} dame Emme
to þe sowter off sothwarke off shordyche dame emme
To þe souter of souþwerk  &O.13.338: OC2 alone have &; most B manuscripts have or. of sordichO.13.338: OC2F alone have the form sordich; most B manuscripts have Shordych. dame emme
nota sowter of sotwerk
To þe souter of south-werk  or of schordych dame emme .R.13.356: In the right margin opposite this line, someone has written sowt(er) of sotwerk. This note is in a thin black, nearly contemporary hand, apparently the same as the note about Chichestre on 63v. To the immediate left of this gloss, between it and the end of the text line, there is a design consisting of a triangle of dots with a penstroke resembling a modern comma extending from the middle of its base.
As doþ sowtere of sowþwerk / or of sordych dame Emme.