Readings for line KD.13.372

Of my nexte neighbore · nymen of his erthe
Of my nexte neighbore . nymyn of his erthe .
Of my next neyghbour , nymen of hys earth
Of my nexte Neghebore . andW.13.373: W alone reads and; other manuscripts omit it. nymen of his erþe
of my nexte neyhbour · nymyn of his erþe ·
Of my next neghbore · nymen of his erthe
off my next neghbour nymen off hys yerthe
Of my next neyȝbore  nymen of his erþe
R.13.389KD.13.372, 373
Of my nexte neyȝbore  or ȝaf hem rede þat repen .R.13.389: Here alpha lost a b-verse and a following a-verse, resulting in the compression of two lines into an aa|bb metrical pattern. In F, the resulting half-line reads whan y sholde repen it.
F.10.384KD.13.372, 373
Of myn neeste neyhebore / whan y sholde repen it.F.10.384: Alpha had made one line of two. Beta reads as follows:
Of my nexte Neghebore nymen of his erþe
And if I rope ouerreche or yaf hem reed þat ropen.