Readings for line KD.13.373

And ifif [I]L.13.375: A marginal corrector's <+> notes L's omission of I after if. rope ouer-reche · or ȝaf hem red þat ropen
And if I rope ouere-reche . or ȝyaf hem red þat ropen .
And if I repe ouerrechen , or gaue hem reade that repen
And if I repe ouer-reche . or yaf hem reed þat ropen
& if y repe y ouerreche · or ȝ...eue h..em red ...?...þat ropen
And if I rope ouer-reche · or gaf hem red that ropen
and yff I reype ouverreyche & gauveG.14.375: The alteration of gaue to gave has been made in black ink, and therefore does not appear to be part of the G scribe's later programme of spelling corrections. It may simply result from the correction by the original scribe of a poorly formed letter. þem rede þat ropen
And if I repe . ouer-reche  &O.13.372: GOC2 alone have & in place of or. ȝaue hem reed þat ropeO.13.372: OC2 alone have rope; variants include repen (CrYBoCotR), repen it (F), and ropen (WHmGCBmLM).
R.13.389KD.13.372, 373
Of my nexte neyȝbore  or ȝaf hem rede þat repen .R.13.389: Here alpha lost a b-verse and a following a-verse, resulting in the compression of two lines into an aa|bb metrical pattern. In F, the resulting half-line reads whan y sholde repen it.
F.10.384KD.13.372, 373
Of myn neeste neyhebore / whan y sholde repen it.F.10.384: Alpha had made one line of two. Beta reads as follows:
Of my nexte Neghebore nymen of his erþe
And if I rope ouerreche or yaf hem reed þat ropen.