Readings for line KD.13.399

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Ȝet glotoun with grete othes  his granementR.13.416: Although listing it as a viable spelling variation, MED, s. v. garnement, offers no other evidence for this spelling of what is commonly rendered garnement (as in F). OED2, s. v. garment, garneament, and garnement, provides no citations either. hadde soyled . These lines are omitted by the beta manuscripts. There are, moreover, substantial variations between R and F in this passage, so that it seems preferable here to cite F's version uninterrupted (cf. Appendix 1, R13.416-25, for details and any cross-references to the C version):
Ȝeet þat goome with grete oþis / his garnement was soiled.
& foule be-flobered it / al with fals speche.
& þere no neede was / nempnede god ydellyche.
& swoor þerby / swythe ofte / a-bowte þe ale cuppe.
& ofte moore eet & drank / þan kynde myȝhte defye.
& sumtyme kawte seknesse / þoruh surfetys ofte.
Þat for dowhte y dredde / to dyȝen in dedly synne.
& into wanhope y wente / y wende neuere to be savid.
Þe wyche slewþe is so slowhȝ / þere may no sleyghte it helpe.
Ne no mercy a-mende it / þe man þat dyȝeþ þere-Inne
Ȝeet þat goome with grete oþis / his garnement was soiled. These lines are attested only in alpha.