Readings for line KD.13.436

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Clerkes and kniȝteswelcometh kynges ministrales . These lines are not found in the beta copies. F's version is sufficiently different to render it preferable to reproduce it as a single passage here rather than as a string of unrelated notes (cf. Appendix 1, R13.456-74, for details and cross-references to the C version):
Boþe knyghtis & Clerkis / wolkome kyngis menstralis.
& for þe love of here loord / þey lyghten hem at festis.
Mychil more me þynkþ þan / ryche men sholde.
Have beggeris be-fore hem / wiche ben goddis menstralis.
As he seyþ hym-selue / seynt Iohan beryþ witnesse.
Qvi vos spernit  me spernit.
/ Þerfore y rede ȝou ryche men / at Revelis whan ȝe make.
For to solace ȝoure soulis / swiche menstralis ȝee have.
Þe poore for a fool sage / ȝee sette at þe table.
& a leerned man to leerne the / what oure lord suffrede.
For to save þy soule / fram Sathan þyn enemy.
& withowtyn flaterynge fythele / of good frydaes storye.
& tak a blynd man þy burdour / or a bedrede womman
To criȝe a largesse to oure lord / þyn goode loos to shewe.
Þese þre manere of menstralis / make men to lawhe.
& in his deþ dyeng / þei doon hym gret confort.
Þat be his lyve he lystned hem / & lovede hem to heere.
Þey solace þy soule / tyl þy-selue be fallyn.
In a wol good hope / a-mongis goode seyntys
Boþe knyghtis & Clerkis / wolkome kyngis menstralis. These lines appear only in alpha.