Readings for line KD.13.80

Þat he precheth he preueth nouȝt · to pacience I tolde
That he precheþ he preueþ nouȝt  to pacience I tolde
That he preacheth he preueth not , to Patience I told
That he precheþ he preueþ noȝt . to Pacience I tolde
þat he precheþ he preueþ nougth · to pacyence y tolde
That he preches he prouetes nouȝt · to paciens I tolde
that he preychethe he prouvethe noght to pacyence I tolde
Þat he precheþ . he preueþ not  to pacience I tolde
Þat he precheth andR.13.82: Where R attests and, F has þus & while beta reads he. Most of the X family of C witnesses agree with R. Manuscripts UcDcTCh and most of the P family agree with beta. preuethR.13.82: Both R and F omit the required negative after preueth (beta's phrase = he preueth nouȝt. F substitutes yt). Apparently this omission derives from alpha. The reading of Cx for this a-verse mostly agrees with beta's.  to pacience I tolde .
Þat he precheþ þus & preveþ ytF.10.80: F's reading is unique. Beta reads "That he precheþ he preueþ noȝt to Pacience I tolde." R has "Þat he precheth and preueth to pacience I tolde." / to Pacyence priuyly y tolde.