Readings for line KD.13.84

I shal iangle to þis Iurdan · with his iust wombe
I shal iangle to þis Iurdan  with his Iuste wombe
I shall iangle to thys Iurdan , with hys iuste wombe
I shal Iangle to þis Iurdan . wiþ his Iuste wombe
y schall iangle to this yurdan wyth his iuste wombe
I shal Iangle to this Iurdan · with his Iuste wombe
I shall Iangell to þis Iordane wyth hys Iuvste wombe
I schal iangle to þis iurdan  wiþ his IutteIusteO.13.91: A solidus/punctus over Iutte and another over marginal Ius seem to indicate substitution; however, Ius is a fragment the remainder of which has been lost to cropping. The corrector's intention was apparently to substitute Iuste, the majority reading, for Iutte, a reading shared only by OC2. Iuste as an adjective is related conjecturally by the MED to the noun of the same form meaning "a vessel with a narrow, long neck and a large bottom"; a juste wombe is thus defined as "a belly as large as the bottom of such a receptacle...." Neither the MED nor Skeat lists iutte as an adjective, although jutt(ei)en appears in the MED as a verb meaning "to project or jut out." wombe
I schal iangle to þis iurdan  with his iuystyR.13.86: This is the alpha reading (F = Iusty). The beta form is iust. Although two C manuscripts (TCh) agree with alpha's form, the Cx reading was iuyste. wombe .
I shal Iangle to þat Iurdan / with his Iusty whombe.