Readings for line KD.13.91

And preuen it by her pocalips · and passioun of seynt Auereys
And preue it by hire pocalipse  and passioun of seint Auereys .
And preuen it by her pocalyps , & passion of saint Auareis
And preuen it by hir Pocalips . and passion of Seint Auereys
and preuyn it by her pocalyps · and passyon of seynt auereynes
And proue it by-for hir pocalipps · and passioun of saynt Auereys
and prouve ytt by theyre apocuvlyppes & passyon off seynte auveryzeG.14.98: In G Cr23, aueryze presumably means "avarice" (as far as G is concerned, note the spelling at G.15.250), but whether this should be considered a variant reading depends on the interpretation of the majority B reading Auereys. See Schmidt's note to this line.
And preue it bi her pocalips  & passioun of seynt auereys
And prouen it hereit [in] hereR.13.93: The source of this emendation is F, which presumptively preserves alpha here; cf. beta's it by her pocalips. Most C witnesses agree with beta. pocalips  and passion of seynt auereys .
& preue it inF.10.91: An otiose curl appears on the <n>. þe a-pokelyps / & in þe passioun of seynt savoures[Auereys].F.10.91: This curious name probably reflects scribal misunderstanding of <S> appearing before auereys as an abbreviation for "saint." It would be entirely characteristic of F to have supplied seynt where he believed it was missing.