Readings for line KD.13.95

What he fonde in a freyel · after a freres lyuyng
What he fonde in a frayele  aftur a Freres lyuyng
What he found in a fraile , after a fryers liuing
What he fond in a frayel . after a freres lyuyng
what he fonde yn a frayel · after a frerys lyuynge
What he fande in a frayel · after freres lynyge
what he fouvnde In a freyle after freres leyuvyngG.14.102: The G C2 R reading leyuyng (for most B manuscripts lyuyng) is not necessarily a substantive variant since forms of "live" in <e>/<ey> are possible. See OED live, v.1 and LALME 1, Dot Map 467.
What he fonde in a frayel  after freris lyuyng
What he fonde in a freiel  after a frereR.13.97: The unmarked possessive, frere, is unique to R; other B manuscripts read freres. However, among the C copies, the predominant form in X family manuscripts is the same as R's. leuynge .R.13.97: The punctus is topped by a diagonal slash that rises slightly toward the right; no conventional punctuation mark used by the R scribe matches it. Furthermore, there appears to be a superfluous dot below and slightly to the right of the <g> of leuynge.
What he fond in a selle / after aF.10.95: An otiose curl appears above the <a>. frerys dyȝeng.F.10.95: Bx reads "What he fond in a frayel after a freres lyuyng."