Readings for line KD.14.228

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For loulich he loketh  and loueliche is his speche . These lines are not found in beta. There are sufficient differences between R and F in these lines to justify reproducing the latter's lines verbatim (cf. Appendix 1, R14.243-53, for details and any cross-references to the C version):
For lowly he lookeþ / & lovely is his speche.
Þat ony meete or monee / of oþere men mote asken.
¶ & if Glotenye greve pouerte / he gadreþ þe lasse.
For hise rentys wil not reche / no ryche meetys to bygge.
& þowh his glut be in good ale / he gooþ a-cold to bedde.
& hys hevid euele y-helyd / & vnesely y-wryȝe.
For whan he streyneþ hym to strecche / þe straw is his schete.
So for his grete glotenye / he haþ a greuous penaunce.
Þat is wellawo whan he wakeþ / & wepiþ sore . for colde.
& sum-tyme for hise synnes / so he is neuere merye.
With-outyn moornynge a-moong . & myche myschef to boote.
For lowly he lookeþ / & lovely is his speche. These lines are attested only in alpha.