Readings for line KD.15.122

A peyre bedes in her hande · and a boke vnder her arme
A peire of bedes in hire hand . and a book inM.15.128: M's in is not shared by other B manuscripts, which read vnder. hire arme
A payre of bedes in their hands , & a booke vnder their arme ,
A peire of bedes in hir hand . and a book vnder hir arme
a peyre of bedys yn her hond · and abooka book vnder her arm
A peir bedes in hir hande · and a book vnder hir arm
a payre beydes In hys hand & a boke vndre hys arme
Schulden go synge seruyseles  wiþ sire philip þe sparweO.15.126: OC2 alone substitute this line for the completely different one which appears in other manuscripts and which Kane and Donaldson render as "[And beere] bedes in hir hand and a book vndir hir arme." See Skeat's note in Vol. II, 218. In his description of this manuscript in the endleaves, Skeat writes: "There is one variation in it which must not be passed over, viz. the allusion to Sir Philip the Sparrow in the line 'Schulden go synge seruyseles / wiþ sire philip þe sparwe' which, as explained in the footnote to xv. 119, is totally different from the corresponding line in the other copies."
A peyre bedes in here honde  orR.15.145: R's or is an alpha reading; beta has and. a boke vnder here arme .
A peyre of bedis in here hond / orF.11.135: Alpha is responsible for or. Beta witnesses have and. a book to bydde on.