Readings for line KD.15.580

Aren ferme as in þe faith · goddes forbode elles
Aren ferme as in þe feithe . godusM.15.566: This alteration places M in agreement with HmCr23G, though HmG read forbode as forbede. The confusion seems to arise from interference between two set phrases God's forbode and God forbid. forbode ellus
Are fyrme as in the fayth , gods forbod else
Arn ferme as in þe feiþ . goddes forbode ellis
arn ferme as yn þe feyþ · god forbede ellys
Aren ferme as in the faith · goddes forbode helles
are fyrme en þe feythe godG.16.560: M originally shared the majority B reading goddes, but the genitive inflexion -us has been deleted, giving god, as also G Cr23 Hm. forbyde elles
Arn ferme as in þe feiþ  goddis forbode ellis
Aren for me[forme]R.15.586: R's for me probably is a misreading of forme in alpha. F tried to rationalize this variant as formed. Beta reads ferme. as in þe faith  godes forbode elles .
Are formedF.11.499: Alpha is likely to have been responsible for forme, if not the preterite form. R has for me. Beta witnesses have ferme. as in þe feyþ / goddis forbode ellys.