Readings for line KD.15.73

Bettere byleue were mony · doctoures such techyng
Bettre ...?...?...were many doctours . bileu..e suche techingeM.15.77: The line has been rewritten and then revised. The final version is unique but closest to W's Bettre it were to many doctours to leuen swich techyng. L has Bettre byleue were mony doctoures such techyng, and Y has Better to leue were many doctours swich techynge.
Better beleue where many docters such teaching
Bettre it were to manye doctours . to leuen swich techyngW.15.77: The variants are complex, and W's version of the line is unique. M is closest with Bettre were many doctours . bileue suche techinge. Most other manuscripts have bettre to leyve were many doctovrs seyche teychyng (in the spelling of G).
bettre b.eleue wereHm.15.76: LHm have beleue were against it were in W, to beleue were in OC2, beleue where in Cr1, and to leue were(n) in most other B manuscripts. manye · doctours such techyng
Better to leue wer many doctours swich techyng
bettre to leyuve were many doctouvrs suoyche teychyng
Better to bileue wereO.15.76: OC2 alone have to bileue were; variants include were (M), byleue were (L), beleue were (Hm), beleue where (Cr1), to leue were (YCr23GCCot), to leue weren (BmBo), byleue (R), and it were (WF). many  doctouris . swich techyng
Betere by-leue by moneR.15.86: Mone, "many."  doctoures techynge .R.15.86: The Bx version of this line seems much in doubt; there are complex textual variations among all the manuscripts. Likeliest to represent the beta version is L, whose rendering closely parallels that of Cr: Bettere byleue were mony doctoures such techyng. F has Bettre it were to be-leve on / as doctouris vs techeþ.
Bettre it were to be-leve on / as doctouris vs techeþ.