Readings for line KD.17.1

IL.17.1: The ornamental capital of seven lines is in blue ink with red flourishes. A small guide letter <I> appears in the left margin. am spes quod he a spye · and spire after a knyȝte
IM.17.1: A 3-4 line capital has been outlined in text ink, but the scribe has only left space for a one-line passus initial. This has been painted in roughly and in a red ink different from that of the passus heading. am Spes quod þatM.17.1: M's þat is not shared by other B manuscripts, most of which read he a. spye . and spire aftur a knyȝt
I Am Spes quod he , and spye after a knyght
I am Spes quod he AspieA spie . and spire after a Knyght
I am spes quod he aspyea spye · and spere after a knygth
I am spes quod he a spye · and spir after a knyght
YG.18.1: For the interpretation of the first letter of this line as a <Y>, see note to G.7.260. am spes quod he a spye & spure after a knyght
I Am spes quoquo[d] he . a spye  & spire after a knyȝt
I am spes a spie quod heR.17.1: Beta reverses the alpha phrase, reading quod he a spye; Cx, however, agrees with alpha.R.17.1: R uniquely omits and before spere. The C reading agrees with the B majority. spere after a kniȝte .
I am Spes a spie quod he  & spere after þat knyght kowþe.