Readings for line KD.17.10

Late se þi lettres quod I · we miȝte þe lawe knowe
Lat se þi lettres quod I . we miȝte þe lawe knowe
Let vs se the letters quod I , we myght the lawe knowe
Lat se þi lettres quod I . we myghte þe lawe knowe
Lat see þy lettres quod y · we mygth þe lawe knowe
Lat se thy lettres quod I we miȝte the lawe knawe
lett vs se þe letters quod I we myght þe lawe knowe
Latte see þi lettres quod I  we myȝte þe lawe knowe
And þus my lettre menethR.17.8: Beta omits this line, and R has truncated it. Cf. F, whose b-verse reads men mowe knowe yt alle.R.17.8: Although the line following this one is marked in the margin with cc as a separate paragraph, the scribe does not follow his usual practice of skipping a line between strophes. It is impossible to know why he departed from his custom here, but he may have been troubled by his exemplar's wasteful attitude toward parchment in this part of the poem, where strophes tend to be very short, indicating only a change of speakers in a rapidly shifting dialogue.
¶ Lat se þat lettreR.17.9: In place of alpha's þat lettre, beta reads þi lettres, which agrees with the reading of Cx. quod I  we miȝte þe lawe knowe R.17.9: The blank line following this one was originally written on and later erased by the scribe.
& þus myn lettre meneþ / men mowe knowe ytF.13.115: The scribe wrote an otiose mark above the <y>. alle.
Let see þat lettreF.13.116: Alpha is responsible for "þat lettre." Beta and C manuscripts have "þi lettres." quod y  we myghte þe lawes knowe.