Readings for line KD.17.125

For þe barne was born in bethleem · þat with his blode shal saue
For þe barn was born in Bedleem . þat with his blood shal saue .
For þe barne was borne in Bethlem , þat with his blode shal saue
For þe barn was born in Bethleem . þat with his blood shal saue
for þe barn was born yn bethleem · þat wyþ his blood schal saue ·
For the barne was in Bethelem of a clen Maide
That schal with his blood saue · al that lyuen in faith
for þe barne was borne yn bethelemG.18.123:The remainder of this line in the majority of manuscripts reads þat with his blode shal saue, material which does not appear in G until the following line. G's reading of the b-verse is shared, with some minor differences, with C C2 Y and B. The result of added material both here and later means that these manuscripts have three lines instead of two. on a cleane meyde
G.18.124: For G's a-verse (the b-verse of KD17.125), see note to previous line (G.18.123).that shall wyth hys bloode sauve all þat lyuven yn faytheG.18.124: G's b-verse here is the a-verse of KD17.126. G's reading of this line is shared with C C2 Y B. See note to G.18.123.
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