Readings for line KD.17.150

Þat toched and tasted · atte techynge of þe paume
That touched and tasted . at techynge of þe ofM.17.148: The corrector first misplaced of after þe and then erased it, placing it correctly. paume
That touched and tasted , at techinge of the pawme
That touched and tastede . at techynge of þe pawme
that touchyd and tastyd at techyng of the pawme ·
C [Not found.]
þat towched & tasted all þe teychyng off þe pavmbe
O [Not found.]
AndR.17.127: And (and the rest of this defective line) is almost certainly from alpha; beta more plausibly has Þat toched and tasted atte techynge of þe paume. In attempting to salvage the a-verse, F completely rewrites it as & þorghȝ towchyng & tastyng. Cx reads the entire line as beta does, except for the initial That, which is omitted. touched and tasted  and techynge of þe paume .
& þorghȝ towchyng & tastyng / &F.13.232: Alpha is responsible for &. Beta and C manuscripts have at. F's a-verse reading is unique, almost certainly reflecting F-Redactor's attempt to make sense of the <&> he found in his exemplar. He changes the verbs of Bx into gerunds. techynge of þe pawme.