Readings for line KD.17.162

Halt al þe wyde worlde · with-in hem thre
...?...?...With-Inne hem thre . the wyde world holdenM.17.162: This entire line is written over an erasure. M and Cr agree in giving the a- and b-verses of this line in an order reversed from the rest of the B manuscripts. L reads Halt al the wyde worlde within hem thre. It is probably the tail of <H> that is still visible at the start of the line.
Wythin hem thre the wyde worlde holden ,
Al þe wide world . wiþ-Inne hem þre holdenW.17.162: The word-order of the line varies in the B manuscripts, but most have Halt al þe wyde worlde . with-in hem thre (as in L).
halt all þe wyde world · wyþ-ynne hem three
Haldes al the wide worlde · with-Inn hem thre
holdethe all þe wyde worlde wythe-ynne þem thre
O [Not found.]
Halt al þe wyde worlde  withR.17.141: In place of alpha's with, beta reads within. hem thre .
Holden al þe wyȝde world / withF.13.246: Alpha reads with for beta's wiþInne. hem þre to-gydres.