Readings for line KD.17.17

IsL.17.16: LRF alone read Is; all other B manuscripts have Ben. here alle þi lordes lawes quod I · ȝe leue me wel he seyde
Ben here alle þi lordus lawes I seidequod IM.17.16: M's original reading I seide is not attested in other B manuscripts. . ȝye leue me wel he saide .
Be here al thy Lords laws , quod I , yea leue me he sayd
Ben here alle þi lordes lawes quod I . ye leue me wel he seide
Ben here in þese two alle þe lawes quod y · ȝe leeue me wel he seyde
Ben here al thy lordes lawes quod I · ye leue me wille he saiede
beene þer all thye lordes lawes quod y / ye leuve meG.18.16: Most C manuscripts share the G Cr R F reading me (for majority B me wel), and this is the reading adopted by Kane and Donaldson. he sayede
Been heer alle þi lordis lawis quod I  ȝhe leue me wel he seide
Is here alle þi lordes lawes quod I  ȝe lef meR.17.16: After me beta adds wel. However, Cx agrees with alpha in omitting this word. he seyde .
Is heere al þyn lordis lawe quod y  ȝee  leve me he seyde.