Readings for line KD.17.178

For þe paume hath powere to put oute alle þe ioyntes
For þe paume haþ power . to putte out alle þe ...iointes
For the pawme hath power to put out all þe ioyntes
For he haþ power . to putte out alle þe ioyntes
for he hath power to putte out alle þe ioyntes
For the pavme hase power · to put out al the ioyntes
for þe pavme hathe power to putt ovte all þe Ioyntes
O [Not found.]
For þe paume hath powere  to pultR.17.158: R's pult is a rare verb (= ModE thrust ) but is likelier to be the Bx form than is beta's put or F's pittyn. Most C manuscripts agree with the B majority on putte, but the most reliable X family manuscripts agree with R. oute þe ioyntesR.17.158: Where alpha reads þe ioyntes, beta has alle þe ioyntes. Among the C witnesses, only manuscript N (which shows massive evidence throughout of having been proofed—and contaminated—by a beta manuscript) agrees with beta on this phrasing. .
For þe pawme haþ powher / to pittyn owt þe Ioyntys.