Readings for line KD.17.186

Al is but an hande · how-so I torne it
Al is but on hand . ...?...? I tourne itM.17.185-186: The scribe omitted M17.185b and M17.186a, an omission shared with WHmGYC2CB, caused by eyeskip on hand. The corrector has erased euene in þe myddes after 185a, replaced it with the lost b-verse, writing 186 in the margin with a red line to indicate its insertion. The additional material brings M into agreement with CrLRF. For Ac F has But and Cr And; whoso is shared only with Cr, LRF reading who. All other B manuscripts read in þe middes for the correction amyddes, and the spacing of the partly legible erasure under 185b shows that in þe myddes was the original reading in M.
All is but one hande , howe-so-euer I turne it
W.17.185KD.17.186, 187
Al is but an hand . euene in þe myddes
Hm.17.185KD.17.186, 187
al is but on hand euyn in the myddes
Al is bot on hande · euene in the myddes
G.18.186KD.17.186, 187
all ys but on hand euvene In the myddest myddesG.18.186: The b-verse of KD17.186 and the a-verse of KD17.187 ("how-so I torne it Ac who is herte in þe hande") are omitted by G W Hm C C2 Y B (as a result of eyeskip on hand). This omission was originally also present in M but has been corrected. KD17.188 ("He may receyue riȝt nouȝte · resoun it sheweth") is omitted by G C C2 Y B.
O [Not found.]
Al is itR.17.166: Beta omits it. Some C manuscripts agree with beta's omission, but the majority, including the best X family copies, agree with alpha in including it. but an hande  how so I turne it .R.17.166: Following this line, for no apparent reason, the R scribe fails to insert his customary blank line between verse strophes.
Al ys it / but an hand / how so y turne it.