Readings for line KD.17.187

Ac who is herte in þe hande · euene in þe myddes
Ac whoso is hurt in þe hond . euene amyddes
And who-so is hurte in the hande , euen in the middes
W.17.185KD.17.186, 187
Al is but an hand . euene in þe myddes
Hm.17.185KD.17.186, 187
al is but on hand euyn in the myddes
Al is bot on hande · euene in the myddes
G.18.186KD.17.186, 187
all ys but on hand euvene In the myddest myddesG.18.186: The b-verse of KD17.186 and the a-verse of KD17.187 ("how-so I torne it Ac who is herte in þe hande") are omitted by G W Hm C C2 Y B (as a result of eyeskip on hand). This omission was originally also present in M but has been corrected. KD17.188 ("He may receyue riȝt nouȝte · resoun it sheweth") is omitted by G C C2 Y B.
O [Not found.]
Ac who is herte in þe honde  euene in þe myddes .
But who is hurt in þe hond / evene in þe myddis.