Readings for line KD.17.188

He may receyue riȝt nouȝte · resoun it sheweth
He may resceyue riȝt nouȝt . resoun it sheweth
He may receyue ryght nought , reason it sheweth
He may receyue riȝt noȝt . reson it sheweþ
he may receyue ryght naught · resun it schewith ·
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O [Not found.]
He may reseyue riȝt nauȝt  reson it scheweth .
F.13.273KD.17.188, 193
He may receyve ryght nowht / of þat he reche myghte.F.13.273: F omits by eye-skip on receyve ryght nowht the following lines from Bx:
... reson it sheweþ
For þe fyngres þat folde sholde and þe fust make
For peyne of þe pawme power hem failleþ
To clucche or to clawe to clippe or to holde
Were þe myddel of myn hand ymaymed or yperissed
I sholde receyue riȝt noȝt ....
As a result of the eyeskip, F changed Bx's I to he in the b-verse.