Readings for line KD.17.257

And indulgences ynowe · & be ingratus to þi kynde
And indulgences y-nowe and be vnkyndeingratusM.17.257: M's original vnkynde was not attested in other B manuscripts, though several have some difficulty with the reading. to þi kynde
And indulgence inowe , & be ingratus to thy kynd
And Indulgences ynowe . and be ingratus to þi kynde
and indulgences ynowe · and be ingratus to thy kynde
And indulgences ynowe · and be ingratis to þy kynde
and Indulgences y-nowe / & be ingratus to thy kynde
O [Not found.]
And indulgences Inowe  and be ingratR.17.211: R's ingrat is an alpha variant shared with F; cf. beta's ingratus. At the end of this line, kynne is likewise an alpha variant; beta reads kynde. On the first of these variants, the C manuscripts split, with many P family copies supporting alpha while the X family mainly supports beta. On the latter variant, Cx clearly agrees with beta. to þi kynne .
& IndulgesIndulge[nc]es y-nowe / & be Ingrate to þyn kynne.F.13.310: Alpha is responsible for the b-verse. Beta and some C manucripts have "and be ingratus to þi kynde."