Readings for line KD.17.313

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O [Not found.]
Drede of desperacioundryueth a-weye þanne grace . These lines are attested only in alpha. F's version of these lines differs from R's as follows: (1) for R's Drede, F reads & drede; (2) for R's dryueth a weye þanne, F reads þanne dryveþ a-wey. The P family of C agrees with R on the first of these variants and with F on the second. The X family offers several unique variants, including the opening phrase, Som drede and the omission of away later in the line.
& drede ofF.13.368: An otiose curl was written over the <o>. desperacioun / þanne dryveþ a-wey grace. These lines are attested only in alpha.