Readings for line KD.17.347

Ac þe smoke and þe smolder þat smyt in owre eyghenL.17.349358: This line group is bracketed in the right margin with a nota musical pun added as in the previous two line groups. Again, there are more marginal additions further to the right: this time the word fumus near the top of the line group and a small bracket slightly below the mid-point.
Ac þe smoke and þe smoldre . þat smyt in oure eiȝen
And the smolke & the smolder , that smyte in our eien
Ac þe smoke and þe smolder . þat smyt in oure eighen
Ac þe smoke and the smolder · þat smyt yn our eiȝen ·
And the smoke and the smolder · that smyt in oure eighen
but þe smoke & þe smoldre þat smyte yn oure eyne
O.17.97: In the center top margin of this leaf the words Three leaves missing appear in a modern hand. Beginning on this leaf, each folio has two numbers entered in the top right margin: the first one continuing the "old" foliation, and the second, in brackets, a higher number to account for the three missing leaves. The lines numbered by Kane and Donaldson 17.99-346 are missing.Ac þe smoke & þe smolder  þat smyt in oure yen
¶ Ac þe smoke and þe smolder  þat smitte in oure eyȝes .
But þe smook & þe smolder / þat smyt in oure eyȝes.