Readings for line KD.17.4

Is it asseled I seyde · may men se þi lettres
¶Is it aseled I saide . may men see the lettres
It is ensealed I said , many men se the letters
Is it enseled I seide . may men see þi lettres
ys it asseled y seyde · may men see thy lettrys
Is it asseled I saide · may men se the lettres
ytts ysttG.18.4: Cr C2 Cot share G's original reading ytt ys. Remaining manuscripts share G's corrected reading ys ytt. ensayled he sayde may men se þe letters
Is it asseled I seyde  may men see þe lettres
R.17.4: There is no cc in the margin because there would have been no space for a paraph marker anyway (the passus initial extends down beyond this line in the left margin). Is it aseled I seyde  may men se þi lettres . Here there is another erased note, in the right margin, written horizontally in a sprawling style that spreads, at its top, over into the ruled area of the page; the note extends for some four lines and appears to be in the same fifteenth-century hand as that found on fol. 94r.
Is it a-selyd seyde y / may men seen þe lettre.