Readings for line KD.18.313

L.18.319KD.18.313, 314
For we leued þi lesynges · ylore we haue Adam
M.18.319KD.18.313, 314
For we leued þi lesynges . ylo-lore we haue Adam .
Cr1.18.319KD.18.313, 314
For we beleued on thi leasings ilorne we haue Adam
W.18.319KD.18.313, 314
For we leued on þi lesynges . ylorn we haue Adam
Hm.18.319KD.18.313, 314
for we lyuyden þy lesynges · y-lorn we haue adam ·
C.18.319KD.18.313, 314
For we leued thy lesynges ˜ yloste we haue adam
G.19.319KD.18.313, 314
for þat we leuved þi leasynges / yloore we hauve adam
O.18.320KD.18.313, 314
For we leuedenO.18.320: O alone has leueden; variants include beleued (Cr), belevedyn (F), lyuyden (Hm), loueden (B), and leued (WGYC2CLMR). þi lesyngys  ylore we han adam
For we leuede þi lesynges  we loupen oute alle with þe . These verses are attested only in alpha, beta having lost them by eyeskip. In addition, only R shows the final phrase of 314b, with þe. The C version attests the authenticity of alpha's phrases in a revised version, where the second of these half-lines is clearly derived from a source common with alpha (cf. Russell-Kane 20.348: And now for a later lesynge).
R.18.315KD.18.313, 314
And now for thi last lesynge  I-lore haue we adam .
For we belevedyn þyn lesyngis / we loopen out alle. These verses are attested only in alpha, beta having lost them by eye-skip.
F.14.313KD.18.313, 314
& now for þyn laste lesynge / y-loore have we Adam.