Readings for line KD.18.348

So leue itL.18.356: LRF alone read it; most other B manuscripts have I. nouȝte lucifer aȝeine þe lawe I fecche hem
So leue IthowM.18.357: In its original reading I, M agreed with WHmCrGYOC2CB. It shares the alteration of I to thow with G. LRF have it. nouȝt lucifer aȝyein þe lawe I fecche hem .
So leue I not Lucifer , agayne the lawe I fetche them ,
So leue I noȝt lucifer . ayein þe lawe I fecche hem
Soo leeue y nougth · quod lucifer · þat aȝen þe lawe y fecched hem ·
So leue I nouȝt lucifer ˜ ayein the lawe I fecche thaym
so leeuve þouG.19.357: In G, the letter now read as the initial thorn of þou must originally have been intended as a <y> (for "I," as most B manuscripts). G.19.357: M originally shared the majority reading I, but this has been crossed out and thow added above the line in a different ink, bringing M's reading into line with G's own corrected reading. not lucyfer ageynst þe lawe y facche theyme
So leue I not lucifer  aȝeyn þe lawe I fecche hem
So leue it neuereR.18.351: For alpha's neuere, beta reads nouȝte. Cx agrees with beta. lucifere  aȝeyne þe lawe I fecche hem .
Be-leve it neuere lucyfer / þat y a-geyn þe lawe fecche hem.