Readings for line KD.2.1

ȜetL.2.1: The six-line ornamental Lombard capital is written in blue with red flourishings and two marginal leaf sprays. I courbed on my knees · and cryed hir of grace
YetM.2.1: The main scribe always spells yet with initial <ȝ> and it is always corrected. Here it looks as though the guide letter has been altered to a <y>. At any event, the initial <Y> was painted after the general correction of the <ȝ> to <y>. I courb.ed on m.y knees . and criede .......hire of grace
YEt I corbed on mi knees & cried her of grace
YEt I courbed on my knees . and cried hire of grace
Ȝyt y courbede on my knes  and cryede here of grace ·
Yet I courred on my knees · and cried hir of grace
Iet couvrbed I on my knes & cryed hyr off grace
Ȝit I courbede on my knees  & criede hir of grace
R [Not found.]
IF.3.1: The seven-line ornamental capital is red and green with flourishes in red to the top of the page. Covrbet ȝyt on my knees / & gradde hire of grace.