Readings for line KD.2.229

For he couth of here craft · and knewe many gommes
For he couthe of hire crafte . and knew many gommes
For he coude of ther crafte , and knewe many gommes
For he kouþe of hir craft . and knew manye gommes
For he coude ..on here crafte · and knewe manye gommes ·
For he kouthe of hir craft · and knewe manye gommes
For he couvthe off theyr crafte & kew G.3.228: The final stroke of the <w> of deleted kew is missing. knewe many goomesG.3.228: The reading goomes may be an error ("men" for "gums") but the OED records goome as a post-medieval (6-7) spelling of "gum" (see OED s.v. gum, n.2).
For he kouþe of her craft  & knewe many gomesgommesO.2.228: The marginal addition is apparently intended as a substitution for gomes; it is gums, or pastes, and not men, of which spicers have knowledge. The error is shared by GC2.
For he couthe onR.2.188: Although Hm supports alpha, beta itself must have read of. Both Ax and Cx agree with alpha's reading. here craft  and knew many gummes .
For he cowhde onF.3.228: The reading on is owed to alpha, though appearing also in Hm and Hm2. Beta reads of. here craft / & knew fele gummes.