Readings for line KD.2.64

Were moste pryue with Mede · of any men me þouȝte
Were mo...ost priue with Mede  of any men asM.2.65: M alone among B manuscripts includes as at this point. me thouȝte
Were moste priuie with Mede of any men me thought
Were moost pryuee with Mede . of any men me þouȝte
weren most pryuey wyth mede  .of any men me thought
Were most priue with Mede of any men me thoughte
were most pryuvye wyth mede off any men me thoght
Weren moost priue wiþ mede  of any men me þouȝte
Were moste priue with mede  of any men þouȝte .R.2.24: R's reading here, men þouȝte, is unique error. R is probably reproducing an omission that had already occurred in alpha. As is often the case, F 's homologous reading, þere owte, has more the appearance of an attempted repair than a faithful reproduction of the sub-archetype. The Cx reading here is identical to beta's; however, manuscript X, the single best witness of this version, agrees with R in omitting me but then reinserts it in another hand! X's corrected error may attest to an early documentary parent of both B and C traditions in which the word occurred only as an interlinear correction.
Where most priue with meede / of ony men þere owte.