Readings for line KD.20.191

He buffeted me aboute þe mouthe · & bett out my tethe
He buffeted me a-boute þe mouthe . and beet out my ....eteth
He buffeted me about the mouth , and bet out my teth
He buffetted me soW.20.190: W alone reads so; all other manuscripts omit it. aboute þe mouþ . þat out my teeþ he betteW.20.190: W alone reads þat out my teeþ he bette; most manuscripts have either and bet out my teth or & bett me on þe teth.
he buffeted me abowt þe mowþ · and my teeþ owt beet
He buffeted me a-boute þe mouthe · and bette me on the theth
he buffeted me aboute þe mouvthe / & bett me on þe tethe
He buffetede me aboute þe mouþe  & bette me on þe teeþ
He buffeded me aboute þe mouthe  & bet out my wange tetheR.20.165: The beta version of this b-verse is uncertain but is likely to have been that now attested in LMCr: & bett out my tethe. F reads the verse as R does, except that F's verb is the uniquely represented buscht. The reading of Cx agrees with R.
& beet me a-bowte þe mowþ / & buscht out myn wang-teeþ.