Readings for line KD.20.212

And þere by conseille of kynde · I comsed to rowme
And þere by conseille of kynde . I comsed to rome
And there by counsell of kinde , I comsed to runner[om]e
And þere by conseil of kynde . I comsed to rome
And þere by counseyl of kynde · y comsid to rome ·
And ther-by counseil of kynde · I comsed to Rome
& there by couvnseale off kynd / I comsed to roomnneG.21.209: Since the change from roome to roonne simply involves the addition of a minim, it is difficult to be certain who made it, but the ink colour suggests hand1.
And þere bi counceyl of kynde  I comsede to roome
And þere be conseile of kende  comsedR.20.186: R here omits any reference to the subject; cf. beta's I comsed and F's he comsed; F's reading suggests an inept attempt to restore a word sensed as grammatically necessary. Among the C copies, RcMcQScZFc read the b-verse as beta does, while the majority agrees with R. However, it is clear that, unlike any B manuscript, Cx positioned the pronoun reference in the a-verse: And y bi conseil of kynde. to rome .
& þere be conseile of kende / heF.16.212: Bx has I in place of he. R lacks a subject both here and in line 214, suggesting an error in alpha. F's he may represent an unintelligent revision by either the redactor or the scribe. comsede to roome.