Readings for line KD.20.221

L.20.220: The rubricating scribe failed to erase the <cc> guide from the left margin. By Marie quod a mansed preste · of þe marche of yrlonde
# the prest off Irlond
By marie quod a mansed preest . of þe marche of Irlond
By Mary quod a mansed priest of the march of Ireland ,
By Marie quod a mansed preest . of þe March of walysW.20.220: W alone reads walys; all other manuscripts have Irlonde. An Irish manuscript of the C-Text, Douce 104, fol. 109v, also has the reading Wales. See the comment by Derek Pearsall in Piers Plowman: A Facsimile of Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Douce 104 (Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 1992), p. xiv.
By mary quod a maensedHm.20.220: The scribe first wrote an <e> and then overwrote it with an <n> like the one usually appearing in Latin quotations. preest · of þe march of yrlond
By marie quod a mased preest · of þe marche of Irlande
by marye quod a mansed preest / off þe marche off yreland
Bi marie quod a mansed preest  of þe marche of irloond
¶ Be þeR.20.195: R's þe is unique among the B witnesses; the others omit the word. However, Cx agrees with R in including it. marie quod a mansed prest  wasR.20.195: Beta omits alpha's was. Several C copies support beta but Cx agrees with alpha. of þe marche of erlande .
Be Marye quod a manschid prest / was of þe march of Irelond.